The story of a hero in jail!

If you’re a soldier you have to follow the orders of your leaders, but if you see them or your colleagues have made crime against civilians in conflict zone, you must do something about it, or you will be involved in war crime.

Pfc. Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst “is paying a high price of his life,” because he wanted to show the American people what their Military committed in Afghanistan & Iraq.

Action for Bradley Manning

He cared about the truth, human rights, the country’s image inside & outside, more than his destiny!

This young man saw that the Army has no right to treat people in any state as a birds or animals.

The generals looked at him as a traitor, so they decided to punish him in 2010 for leaking classified U.S. information to WikiLeaks.

95405829-bradley-manningAnd then he spent more than 1,000 days in prison without trial, until February 28, 2013!

His statement that have been read in a military court proves how much he an honest person & a unique figure!

From here he became a “symbol” that inspires many around the world.

Meanwhile, he has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!

Anyone knew well these an “amazing story” has to ask himself how in our world a brave man & a hero like Bradley Manning sends to jail, and a criminal like George W. Bush lives as the king?

Then work hard to change the “ugly fact” which exists not only in America but also everywhere.

If you accept what’s going on for this “fighter,” you will find more imprisoned heroes and more dirty criminals not jailed.

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Anger in Tunisia

Tunisia saw last Friday one of the greatest days in its history!

There were more than one million Tunisians in the funeral of the opposition leader, Chokri Belaid who was assassinated on Wednesday in front of his house.

The Ennahda Movement like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt just works for itself, by using “religion.”

So if anyone try to say “no,” he will punish by its or its allies, like what happened for Belaid.

Most citizens in this “historic day” sent clear & strong message to who rule their state, which says: “you can crush the flowers, but you can’t stop the spring!”


Tunisians proved after these “political crime” that they will keep fighting against the enemies of their revolution, no matter what happens.

There’s a lot of anger in Tunis now, because of the assassination, beside there are many can’t find a job, get married…

And they began to see that they live in a country becomes another country, which they haven’t seen before, it’s similar to IranSaudi Arabia!

For that they still shouting: “Land, Freedom, National dignity!”

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Egypt: Everything goes wrong, but there’s hope

After two years of the Egyptian Revolution, there’s nothing has changed on the ground!

The military still has the same power, that keep them in “special situation” since 1952!

For example, no one can charge them for a lot of crimes they’ve done against the citizen & motherland!

On the other hand, the another partner in the ruling uses religion for putting people “under its control.”

The Muslim Brotherhood which runs by the murshid Mohammed Badie, who’s the real President of Egypt, not Mohamed Morsi, just works for its own agenda.

So it seems that country goes to be similar to Iran!

But most Egyptians refuse to accept it, they’re ready to die before seeing this happens.

morsy-time-out-posterAnd when a lot of people are dying easily or suffering deeply in their lives, Fighting the regime becomes more and more necessary.

So that there’re many of peaceful demonstrations in everywhere, demanding: “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice, Human Dignity!”

The state used to face this by using different kinds of violence, arresting anyone, and doing anything “not humanly” to stop the protests.

Best thing in Egypt now that the revolution makes most citizens to not be afraid of any authority, even it supports by US and its allies like Qatar.


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It’s your problem not ours


Any human being deserves to live a good life, even if he’s poor.

Because of the “power of money” which rules the world for a long time just richest people can own what they want, and the poor get poorer!

The bad joke here that many of governments like US, UK, beside EU, “is punishing simpletons,” when the world begin to face the global financial crisis.

These regimes didn’t take any real actions against financial markets, big banks, large companies, and whose belong to “corruption” that causes the world’s crisis.

Those politicians who just work for lobbying groups, not their people choose to let middle classes and poor “pay huge price” by austerity actions, high taxes…

So there are now a lot of them without a job, house, and their human & civil rights generally!

This “unfair situation” can’t continue forever.

There are many try to fight that like workers, movements as occupy, activists, and others keep protesting in everywhere.

But more of who suffer have to join and stand up for their rights, to put more pressure on their governments, that will force them to go for “right direction” someday…

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Obama: “Just Promises!”

Every time I listen to Barack Obama like his second inaugural speech, I see him gives many promises to the American people.

After four years of his presidential you can see Mr. Obama used to promise more than doing what help the US!


For example, He promised to close Guantanamo, Do something in climate change, Stop killing innocent civilians by creating “real gun control,” Save a lot of jobs for many of unemployed…

And other things which make America better place for “All Americans,” as he always says in his speeches.

But it seems up till now that Obama’s promises “going nowhere!”


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